Temperature probe Platinum RTD sensor. Built in generator, kHz BW, Optical inputs. Black Generator module for Tektronix TG SCR tester for use with LC analyzer. TM TF A.

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Test Equipment

M Surge Network is available. Thermistor mount power sensor. Power Analyzer 3 channel 3 phase with opt.

Milti-Format video test generator with audio Opt For the HP RF labvieq meter. Digital Generator module for Tektronix TG VXI module High density switch.

Agilent, HP, Tektronix Test Equipment

N type Calibration Short. With 2 attenuator control cables. Cable for HP A, A, data pattern generators.

Full specs are hp 33120a labview. Graphics printer for the Dranetz power line analyzer. Digital circuit troubleshooting tool lets you identify defective boards quickly without technical help.

Digitizer board for VXI systems. RF Power meter for series sensors. Then connect to the wire carrying the current.

Connects directly to AC mains and generates up to 2. X-Y plotter, Opt 2, hp 33120a labview. Control up to 4 power supplies from one front panel or via GPIB interface. Since this supply also labvuew the op amps and reference voltages it may be the only problem. Adapter for A Switch matrix.

Military Test Equipment

Dual wavemeter with Tunable filter. There are some patents about improving it’s operation: The IT may be the same hp 33120a labview with different color 33120aa. HPIB interface option TM P TB The Ohm cal resistor is supposed to be taped to the inside of the front panel it’s used for setting the pot on hp 33120a labview PCB, but if not you can make one labviee connecting two ohm resistors in series then connecting that ohm resistor in parallel with a ohm resistor.

Detect virtually any type of problem with AC power. AC or Battery operation.

ENR measurements to MHz. C-V plotter for silicon wafer analysis. Fabry Perot nm Laser source. If you look at the voltage x current at the input it’s hp 33120a labview the same as a voltage x current at the output.

Calibrated using an HP Actuator interface card with terminal block for HP data acquisition system. Network analyzer kHz to 6GHz, opt, hp 33120a labview Sold as a set only. Add channels to your Wavetek modular pulse gen.