Please contact me at davefarr gmail. The notebook was trouble free for a few months, then began exhibiting the same symptoms as before overheating, wireless card disappeared, screen remained blank, etc. But it has gone wrong again. He also ignored my request for a free extended warranty due to their knowingly putting out a bad product. By the way matt, what model of HP did U have?

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At any rate, I now have other issues that fall under the same problems with this ;avilion. They would charge me hp pavilion dv9930us price of the new disk.

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I even called them and they said I had to send it there. I was dumb founded to find out, my notebook quick lights would turn on with no display, and re-boot every 10 seconds.

Press F1 to continue. I miss that little media player on xp pro it made making lists and programss rather easy. I Called Hp they didnt even troubleshoot, i told them what i did and he said i hp pavilion dv9930us to mail it in for hp pavilion dv9930us. And just now today i tryed turning it on and the screen remains black. After one week the internal speakers stopped working and I was hp pavilion dv9930us getting any audio.

I removed the panel and tried reseating the RAM modules, tried removing one hp pavilion dv9930us and starting the notebook, tried one module in each slot…. I received my notebook in the first week of January I had the same problem with my hp dv Woulnt recomend Compaq or HP to anyone. I send my laptop in for repaires. I would like to thank you for the info.

I can hp pavilion dv9930us how the wireless issue back in December last year could equate to a new motherboard and wireless card, but it is beyond me how the video output could be related to the motherboard, heat sink and thermal pad. He says HP should permanently fix hp pavilion dv9930us problem at no cost or replace his entire computer with a defect-free equivalent or better model, and that HP should do so for every consumer whose HP computer has similar backlight display problems.

I explained the problem, and what I did to troubleshoot and attempt to fix it. So now that you know I Have windows xp df9930us it is a business upgrade what hp pavilion dv9930us you Matt?

The sound came back a few days later and has been giving trouble paviliom since coming and going and sometimes skipping in and out of sound. It worked fine for about a year, when it started having problems starting up. I have a HP DV that is about 2 hp pavilion dv9930us old it is having a proglem, it will not start up.

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I returned to HPs website and saw that the single beep and failure to boot were both symptoms of the same problem which had lead to the system board being replaced. I was dedicated and loyal HP user. Well, this will be my 3rd time sending mine back. Is the GPU integrated on hp pavilion dv9930us motherboard? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

This page will be updated on a regular basis so please check back for the most up to date information. No noise no nothing. I live in Indonesia. Once hp pavilion dv9930us notebook has been restored, install any Windows updates and any HP updates and see if it fixes your problem.

I cant even f10 and start again. I immediately checked device manager and was baffled that the broadcom wireless card was not listed.

The house got my attention hp pavilion dv9930us I continued to use my old laptop. By the time i hp pavilion dv9930us it to the service center, it had already started working so i let it be.

So if anyone knows of a way to enter windows via the quick play media buttons. I am just one hp pavilion dv9930us. I have an hp dv that seems to have some audio problems. Just let you know i got in touch with HP today and they said my laptop did qualify as one that had the problem and they are sending a box to send it back They said there be no charge to repair.

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Hp pavilion dv9930us actually no longer own an HP notebook I used to have a Compaq until December of last yearand own an Acer notebook now. Paviliom is 1 long ;avilion and 2 short.

Just wanted to let you all know about this. L, D, D, D I have hp pavilion dv9930us done this with laptops because I know how hot they run and if it is flat on a table, the fan is effectivly useless, a bit like when you block the pipe on a hoover, no air can flow through and the hoover strains.