Removing the card reader from the flex module c. This section provides instructions on how to install or replace an optical drive. Accessibility information Lenovo is committed to providing users who have hearing, vision, and mobility limitations with greater access to information and technology. Ibm pc type – about your software swedish 34 pages. Completing The Parts Replacement 6. Ensure that the circuit board faces downward and the connectors face toward the rear of the bracket.

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Installing the hard-disk-drive bracket What to do next: Remove the four screws that secure the solid-state drive. The computer cannot be used until the valid password is entered.

Never overload these devices. You also can contact the Lenovo Customer Support Center for help. Page 5 Appendix F. Depending on whether you are installing or replacing personl M. The AutoPlay window opens. If your ibm personal computer 300gl comes with a Wi-Fi card module that supports the Bluetooth function, disconnect the Bluetooth cable from the Wi-Fi adapter card.

Install the optical-drive retainer on the side of the new optical drive. Don’t have an account? Then, install the four screws to secure the solid-state drive to the storage converter.

With a Lenovo ID, you can connect to everything Ibm personal computer 300gl through a single account.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Although there are ibm personal computer 300gl moving parts in your computer after the power cord has been disconnected, the following warnings are required for your safety and proper Underwriters Laboratories UL certification. Internal Drives PCI Express x1 card slot 1 PCI Express x16 card slot graphic card available on some models System fan connector Cover presence switch connector intrusion switch connector Internal drives Internal drives are devices that your computer uses to read and store data.

Do not ibm personal computer 300gl any liquid detergent directly on the computer or use any detergent containing flammable material ckmputer clean the computer. Locate the primary hard disk drive.

Lenovo ThinkStation P310 User Manual

Then, push the cover to the front of the computer until it snaps into position. Page 88 Do not touch the circuit board on the bottom of the hard disk drive. Security Locking the computer cover ibm personal computer 300gl prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to the inside of your computer.

Networking problems This section provides solutions to networking-related ibm personal computer 300gl. Position the heat sink fan duct on the top of the heat sink as shown. If you are replacing a card reader, do the following: Flex the sides of the blue bracket to remove the hard disk drive psrsonal the bracket.

Release the power supply assembly cables from any cable clips or ties. To remove and reinstall the front bezel, do the following: Page 80 Figure Keeping Your Computer Current The cause of a problem might be ibm personal computer 300gl in hardware, change in software, or any other actions that might have taken place. If the volume icon is not displayed in the Windows notification area, add the icon to the notification area.

Then install the four screws to secure the new solid-state drive to the storage converter. Position vomputer computer cover on the chassis ibm personal computer 300gl that the rail guides on the bottom of the computer cover engage the rails on the chassis. Press the button as shown to remove the slim optical drive from the flex module.

Extended contact with the body could cause discomfort or, potentially, a skin burn. Use only screws provided by Lenovo. Page of Go.