The problem is when you press the power button to turn it on, it comes on for a second and shut right off. Did not use any flux. Adetola November 22, But i have to do other option which is the video chip try to reheat it if possible the display can be restore but got no luck,but the worse is after reheating the video chip the laptop is dead no more power at all. Henry February 27, Power Supply February 24,

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Made two heatsinks with copper and did the heatgun trick.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

To protect the sony vaio vgn-fz470e from the heat I used a regular cooking aluminum foil. Ebay etc will have tons of these for sale for different machines so check them out. V nr tl50 bought in Sinagpore and have the same problems noted here. Laptop DC jack is bad or not making good contact with the motherboard. Sony vaio vgn-fz470e the hardware is older, and the alternative to fixing it is to throw it away, you should try to reflow the solder connections on the chip.

At start up it shows 48c which rises to 50c.

Did it feel hot on the sony vaio vgn-fz470e before shutting down? Permanent solution is to never use a computer. Power adapter is fine, i tried another one, but still the same.

Also keep the laptop cool sony vaio vgn-fz470e at least clean out any dust from the heatsink foils or fins. Heatgun any whith a concentrated nozzle will do 4. Another thing you can do on some laptops, is to set sony vaio vgn-fz470e fan to remain on constantly.

Usually they are taking lots of resources. JohnO October 3, How do you apply it underneath the GPU chip? I have had a thought — instead of heat guns, soldering irons, hair dryers etc, how about a cube of brass — in the oven at c.

So much worse than before. Sony vaio vgn-fz470e research also indicates the graphic chip so will vgn-rz470e the heat system. I used some liquid stuff for improving soldering results, put as much as I could vgn-fz470f the nvidia chip. Vwio guess in safe mode graphic card hardware is disabeled so it boots up properly. Thanks for this great guide. Baio voor de tip Mijn laptop werkt weer. I found a tip about using liquid non-clean flux dripped behind the graphics chip with a pipette.

Have a HP compak sony vaio vgn-fz470e. Using the power button, shut the failed machine down, then immediately power on. Reseating RAM helped, but the next day the problem returned.

Heat kills your laptop, clear your fans regularily…. This got me an idea thanks again. Cleaning out the fans helped too I am sure. I fixed a Compaq Presario V in July with the oven trick. I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and advice, all confirming my suspicions that common design sony vaio vgn-fz470e with all laptop makes — sony vaio vgn-fz470e issues addressed in next model.

Gautam, There could be many different reasons why your laptop freezes while playing a video. Did a similar thing to my old hp dv Yes, the chip is soldered to the motherboard but there should be a gap between the chip and motherboard. I belive it is the Sony vaio vgn-fz470e causing it because before sony vaio vgn-fz470e, the graphics got worse and worse. Erik November 11, The way to permanently fix is have someone fit a brand new revised Nvidia chipset.

Bayo November 26, Do you think removing gpu can actually boot laptop. Sony vaio vgn-fz470e this means vgn–fz470e will reoccur some time again. After disassembly the Vaio stayed in bits for a couple of months. Debbie, This is an old laptop.

With a good foil shielding the CPU should be sony vaio vgn-fz470e. Put everthing back togheter. The thing is, laptop boards have the button-cell batteries fitted, and that means the board is carrying the usual 3 volts around.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

Vgn-fz47e0 used a similar heat gun and to monitor temperature I used a thermocouple sony vaio vgn-fz470e to the top of the chip with kapton tape and another on the underside of the board.

Mohamed B July 28, Fadi August 16, My laptop got the same problem with graphics card and after repairing by an engineer it start working as normal but after a month it again went sony vaio vgn-fz470e same state. I cut off a piece of aluminum foil and folded it a few times to make my protection shield thicker.