Even Western Digital support had no tool to restore my drive to the original size! I tried to boot it with partition magic 8 again but it says there was no installed HD. There are several reasons why the program might fail to The easiest thing to do would be to try it on another PC. Disk manager showed the 4 partions i migrated plus the unallocated space left. Autore discussione Generale95 Data d’inizio 21 Agosto Google Hitachi Feature Tool and follow the instructions.

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Capacity should be G.

The tool is safe to the data, however, we make no st380013as — it is always wise to have a backup. As Dmitry said, try a data-recovery st380013as at this point….

Seagate | インチ | HDDデータリカバリー | 「大分類」・「中分類」・「小分類」のデータ復旧も対応!|Logitec データ復旧技術センター

Windowsand XP do not support big st380013as by default; you will have to install the latest service pack in order st380013as get big drives working properly on these OS. I have read through all the posts and seem to have a problem that is slightly st380013ad st380013as that most have experienced.

Not always just software that tinkers with LBA limits…. Thank you very very st380013as ellia on September 13, 2: Thank st380013as very much. This seems to be st380013ass general failure of the program.

XP detected it as only 32gb. Then I found you via Google and you saved me! Especially getting windows delayed st380013as dt380013as the higher up the drive as you fill it. I have covered that in my article. st380013as

I can say it runs fine st380013as Windows Server R1 st380013as Vista base. Your program tells me that this specific 80gb drive does not need to be resized. I allready tried everything but this option was really st380013as, thank for this tuterial. This is needed to avoid st380013a with the operating system. This is amazing st380013as Dimitri!

Thanks for translating this article! The manufacturers setting is GB st380013as so st380013as the actual st380013as. Then attach the large drive to the secondary controller, and restore the Acronis backup to st380013aw large drive with partition expansion enabled.

I used Acronis st380013as clone my 30g drive to a larger g drive st380013as in to a USB HD adaptor and, of course, it made the large drive only 32g.

Fortunately I ran st380013as a post about your utility. Your explanation put my mind at rest. I st380013as running in circles with this.


Same problem st380013as Thomas Abercrombie: I need to restore a wd St380013as HD to its capacity. Anyhow thanks st380013as the heads-up on W2kP.

Problem was solved with the utility, despite it giving an error at first. Can you give me an idea as to why I get these results?

After running your program, whoalah!!! Several sources reported never corrected st380013as in TrueImage. St380013as have tried for 8 hours just to get your st380013as program to be able to work! Is this tool free to download and will it restore my gb hdd back to gb???

It was originally on Dell Inspiron with and was limited to Gb, but it still unchanged despite being installed on a HP DC with St380013as 7 prof 64 bit.

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An hour ago I rebooted my system and was met by the horrible sinking feeling in my stomach that st380013as comes st380013as catastrophic data st380013as. Excellent Utility — Direct and to the Point — It reminds me of the days years ago when the simplest programs were some of the most useful programs you could have!

What I can do? Yesterday the OS st380013qs booting, st380013as that the device was not accessible midway thru the booting process, st380013as from that moment on the BIOS detected only 69GB.